Meeting Round Up, 8/15 @ Betty Blue

Monthly Duties:

Pledge: Rick Invocation: Wayne 4 Way Test: Shawn Fines: Gregg

Auction is this Friday.  Please get lists into Colleen and let her know of any gift certificates that are being auctioned and if any need to be made.  Also, please bring baked goods to be auctioned as well.

Next meeting (August 22nd) will be the RLI presentation, at The Betty Blue.  A board meeting will follow (instead of September 5th).

August 29th will be a social meeting with Salla at Rick’s house.  We will order food and decide on what once Salla arrives.

Ice cream sales at the Fillmore Glen Car Show, September 3rd.

September 5th we will have a social meeting for painting our #CNYRotaryRocks rocks, at St. Patrick’s Church.

We will be handing out dictionaries and thesaurus’ to the Moravia Elementary 4th and 5th grade classes on Wednesday September 27th at 8am.  There are 80 and 85 students in each grade respectively.

The club voted positively on several points:

  • We will contact Julie at Seed Born Foods about participating and volunteering and holding pumpkin carving at the Locke Harvest Festival
  • We will be joining the district in the purchasing of trees for planting.
  • We will hold at least two raffles – one this fall and next spring … not gonna say what here so it can be a surprise to the community 🙂
  • We will again be doing a Duck Derby.  Rick will head the project coordination.