DSCN6143The “Four Musketeers”, AKA Tom, Bob, Stuart, and Greg, visited Millard Fillmore Elementary School on Wednesday morning, Sept 27.  There they put the final touches on this year’s edition of “Dictionary Day”.  They began the event with an interpretation of a “Three Stooges (+1)” routine, as they roamed the halls looking for the 4th Grade classrooms.  Who knew that the 200 series rooms were after the 500 series rooms? It turns out that the 4th Grade rooms are still where they were last year (and the year before, etc..).  Nevertheless, the intrepid Rotarians got some 75 dictionaries delivered. They then took on the 5th Grade rooms, knowing well where they were located, having seen them 20 minutes earlier.   They issued some 100 thesauruses to 5th graders and completed their work with a photo op in the school lobby.  This was Greg’s first time out on a Dictionary Day.  He learned quickly and took care of one 5th Grade class on his own.  A most satisfying morning for all involved!