Newsletter 7/18 – COLHS

Monthly Duties:  Voluntold by Mike at start of meeting! 🙂

We met at the COLHS (Cayuga-Owasco Lakes Historical Society; and were treated to a presentation and tour of the building.  Many local artifacts can be seen; everything from the uniform of Colonel Speck to a basketball from the Moravia High School State Championship season (2018).  Colonel Speck was a Moravia business man and Drum Major of a local brass band at the turn of the century. Moravia is well known for being the hometown of the 13th U.S. President Millard Fillmore, and the COLHS building is an official museum devoted to him.  The club is providing support to COLHS via a district grant to purchase hermetic storage containers so many of the historical artifacts will be available to future generations.

Bethany Mendoza (Nelson) was in attendance.  She is a Youth Exchange student to Argentina, and performed humanitarian work in Nicaragua.  She is now teaching Spanish at Tyburn Academy in Auburn. She is also an honorary and prospective new active member of the club!

Joan has accepted the role of Director at Large.

The club is participating in the parade this Saturday.  Lineup is at 5:30 pm at the elementary school.

Auction letters have been mailed.  Lists will be provided at the next meeting, Auction is August 17th.

Next meeting, July 24th at 6pm, will be at the Methodist Church, Bill Conole, our Assistant Governor will be attending.  August 14th, Emily Kehoe, our RYLA student will be presenting, tentatively at the Betty Blue.

Upcoming Events:

  • July 21st
    • Moravia Fair Parade, 5:30 pm, lineup at elementary school
  • July 24th
    • meeting at Methodist Church, Bill Conole
  • July 31st
    • moving books for library book sale, 6pm, Chronicle building
  • August 11th
    • COLHS Flea Market – vendor spots available or donate items
  • August 14th
    • meeting at Betty Blue, Emily Kehoe, RYLA presentation
  • August 17th
    • Auction at Moravia Fire House

Uniform of Fleming Wilson “Colonel Speck” Ackerman