District Governor Visits Moravia Club

At last week’s meeting, District Governor Marv Joslyn was greeted by almost the entire club membership.  He was accompanied by Assistant Governor Bill Conole, who introduced him to the assembly.  Following a great buffet prepared by The Family Deli (our favorite, by the way), DG Marv talked with us about several projects of interest to the District.

Acts of Kindness:  DG Marv challenged us to implement purposeful acts of kindness within our community.  He believes that such will benefit not only the recipients of these acts, but also those of us performing them.  There is also a wonderful opportunity for publicity if we remember to document our deeds with video and photos.

Passport to Service:  A creation from last year updated to require only two club members (minimum) to attend a meeting at other clubs.  This is a great way to learn more about Rotary and to know more fellow Rotarians.  Passports can be printed from the District website and be signed at the club being visited.  Clubs making the most visits will be recognized at this year’s District Conference.

World Polio Day:  We are challenged to find a way to honor the progress Rotary International has made towards eradicating polio by doing something special to mark World Polio Day, October 24.  DG Marv suggested social media, web sites, newsletters, community events, and the like; he emphasized again the need for publicity.

At the meeting’s end, DG Marv presented President Mike Pizzola with a banner denoting this year’s Rotary theme, “Be The Inspiration”.  Thank you for your visit, DG Marv!DG Marv banner