Newsletter 2/19 – Betty Blue

Monthly Duties:  depends on who is at the meeting …

Michael was on vacation in Florida (oh darn, we feel so sorry for him!), so Stuart lead the meeting.

Those present approved club funds for an ad in the MHS program for Mamma Mia.

The district grant for 2019-20 was discussed; the deadline to have paperwork submitted is the end of March. The plan is to submit two proposals – CPR training dummies and a scholarship, preferred in that order.  Moravia was one of a handful of clubs in the district to qualify for the grant program this year (19 total).

Tom mentioned that the district was organizing a global grant to provide sanitation and clean water supply to schools in India; which would effect over 10,000 children.  The grant partners, along with district designated funds, had raised over $100k for the project.  More partner clubs and donations would only further the effort.

Tom has also received so very exciting and promising news!  But that is for him to tell, and we don’t want to jinx anything.

District Conference is May 2 – 4 in Lake Placid.  The club is still undecided about a House of Friendship exhibit. There is also a request from district to bring supplies to donate to the foster programs in the Syracuse and Utica areas.

Next meeting is February 26, and will be at St. Patrick’s.  Jeremy Caza, from Community Bank, will be presenting on financial estate planning and charitable donations. Everyone is welcome, and invite anyone that may be interested, or that it would benefit.  A light dinner will be provided.