Newsletter 3/5 – Betty Blue

Monthly Duties:

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Wayne informed the club that the district grants for 2019-20 have been completed.  There will be two grants submitted. The primary grant is for purchasing First Aid, CPR, AED Training equipment for Four Town Ambulance Corp and funding attendance of the instructor course for two people. The second grant submitted is to partially fund the Moravia High School Scholarship the club presents.

Bethany reported that the discussion is on going with the elementary school regarding the third grade book project.  She has another book suggested for purchase and will look at getting a list of a few others just in case.  The budget for the project is estimated to be around $600, which is about $8 per book, for 76 students.  The pending date for the presenting the books is March 28th.

Tom would like members to bring food and personal care items to the next meeting – March 12th.  The items will be boxed before the meeting and donated to the Hope Food Pantry.

A finance committee meeting will be held before the club meeting on March 19th (5pm).

There will be a Polar Plunge on March 23rd.  There is a donation jar at the Betty Blue with funds raised going to support the Special Olympics.  Jamie (from the Betty Blue) will be participating

The COLHS will be having a banquet on April 25th at the Locke Fire House.

At the Betty Blue, a Horseshoe League meeting will be held April 30th; the club meeting will be cancelled.  This is also the meeting directly before the District Conference – May 3-5 in Lake Placid.

Mike would like club members to send him suggestions for awards for club members to be presented during the District Conference.