Newsletter 4/2 – Betty Blue

Monthly Duties:

  • Pledge – Levi
  • 4 Way Test – Gregg
  • Invocation – Stuart
20190402_180127The club is proud to recognize PHF, Paul Harris Fellows, Bob Balk (sapphire) and Tom Collins (double ruby).  The gems are to recognize multiple PHF honors.
Jeff Trescott has returned from Florida, where he attended Rotary meetings in between his time on the sand getting a nice tan!
The book donation to the third graders at Moravia Elementary, organized by Bethany Mendoza, was a resounding success.  John, Tom, Gregg, and Kathi were present to help and participate.  There is a wonderful article and video on the MHS website.  We are looking forward to collaborating on similar projects that have been discussed as a result.
Kathi will be attending the Career Exploration Conference at Cornell on June 25th, with the support and encouragement of the club.
Bob Balk gave his foundation report, in person; for those who missed last week, or the email:
  • We have 14 club members, 6 Paul Harris Fellows (with a +14 total), 1 major donor, 1 benefactor, 11,570 Foundation points available to the club.
  • 8 EREY (Every Rotarian, Every Year) donors with a $25 minimum
  • 4 Sustaining members with a $100 minimum
  • Our club average this year is $87/member.  District is $48/member so far.  We are ranked 9th in the district.
  • Foundation goal for the year is $2,800.  We have given $1,305 to date.
  • PolioPlus goal was $100.  We have given $3,282 – which is well above our goal!
  • 5 members are signed up for Rotary Direct, the program that allows you to bill your Foundation giving directly through a credit card either monthly, quarterly or yearly.

Mike and Levi submitted the final report for the 2018-19 grant project.  All the pieces are now in place for us to proceed with the 2019-20 project of First Aid, CPR and AED training equipment to Moravia Four Town.

DGE Randy Wilson is preparing for District Training Assembly in a few weeks.  Bob Balk is unable to attend, although hopefully, some club officers will be in attendance.  April 6 at VVS High School.  Breakfast and the training to follow.
The program April 9th will be at St. Patrick’s hall; Pat Kinney for the Moravia Hope Pantry will be presenting.  Please bring any items that you wish to donate – non-perishable food and personal care items.  Menu TBD.
Club Assembly will now be April 16 at St Patrick’s Hall.
COLHS will be holding a dinner at the Locke Fire House April 25.  Mike has cancelled the regular club meeting on April 23 in lieu of attending the dinner.
April 30th meeting is cancelled – District Conference is the following weekend, May 3-5.