Newsletter 5/7 – Betty Blue

Monthly Duties:

  • Pledge – Levi
  • 4 Way Test – Tom
  • Invocation – Stuart
District Conference went well.  The food was good and the entertainment original.  Saturday night was a Murder Mystery dinner.
Next District Conference for the next (Rotary) year will be in Oswego on October 19th, 2019.  This returns the DC to the beginning of the Rotary year.
John was able to attend, and Bethany was back from her trip.
Moravia High School scholarships are being collected and will be reviewed.  It is too late, and we did not receive a candidate, to send to RYLA.
Interact (a high school Rotary club) was discussed.  Now seemed a better chance of getting one started with the increased Rotary presence in the Moravia School System.  A committee was organized of John, Bethany, Wayne, and Mike.
Bylaw review and updates were discussed.  Specifically, the implementation of delegate membership.
Possibly making a donation to the Summer Recreation Program was brought to attention of the club.
Bob reported that our foundation giving was at 93%, $174 per capita, putting Moravia at 3rd in the district.  We also have 10 sustaining members.