Newsletter 5/28 – Betty Blue

Monthly Duties:

  • Pledge – Stuart
  • 4 Way Test – Stuar
  • Invocation – Bob

Stuart, yes that Stuart, forgot part of the 4 way test, and got fined an extra dollar. 🙂

Next month duties are: pledge – Bob, invocation – Tom, 4 way test – Shawn.

District Changing of the Guard is June 27th, $30, register online at the district site.

Club Changing of the Guard will be July 2nd at 6pm, the normal meeting time.  No plans have been finalized yet.

Mike has asked for volunteers to the St. Anthony festival in Homer/Cortland, June 9th.  If able to help please be there by 11:30.

Community Garden dedication ceremony is Monday June 17th, from 10:30 – 11:30.  A brick was purchased in memory of Val.

MHS scholarship recipients have been chosen and the school has chosen a service award recipient as well.

The club discussed the possibility of using trust fund monies to support the Four Town building project.

A family night during the month of June was proposed; going to Scoops.

At an earlier meeting a community project was brought to the club.  The sixth grade class has a program to cleanup Dry Creek Cemetery. This year the club has decided to aid the project by purchasing hand equipment needed, and participation.  A desire to form an ongoing supported program and committee was expressed.